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Pictured below: Shrink-wrapped packages of one dollar notes.
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Joseph W. Barr served as Secretary of the Treasury from December 21, 1968 to January 20, 1969. There are fewer notes bearing his facsimile signature than notes imprinted with signatures of other Secretaries of the Treasury because of his short tenure in that office.


There were 458,880,000 $1 Federal Reserve Notes issued to five of the 12 Federal Reserve Districts. The beginning and ending serial numbers and the quantity of notes delivered to the respective districts are listed below:

Bank Serial Number 
  From To
New York
B57 600 001G  B80 640 000H 
E32 000 001F  E25 600 000G 
G84 480 001H  G75 520 000I 
Kansas City
J19 200 001C  J64 000 000C 
San Francisco
L76 800 001F  L83 200 000G