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Current Exhibit
One Hundred Dollar Designs
The Changing Look of America’s $100 Notes
About the Exhibit
One Hundred Dollar Designs, 1862-2010, The Changing Look of America's $100 Notes

Early $100 notes used different designs for each currency type and were larger in size than today’s currency.  In 1929, U.S. currency was reduced in size and designs were standardized; the $100 note featured an image of Benjamin Franklin on the face and Independence Hall on the back.  The newest $100 note, Series 2009, uses modified versions of these iconic figures and, in keeping with the currency redesign efforts begun in 2003, incorporates color and a number of new security features.


From large- to small-sized, from varied to standardized designs, to the addition of security features and color, $100 notes have changed over time.  Snapshots of the past and present, the notes displayed here offer a select sampling of the many design variations to be found for a single denomination.