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Washington, DC Tours - Accessibility

For information regarding accessibility prior to your visit, please call the tour office at (202) 874-2330, or contact the

The BEP is an ADA compliant facility offering:

  • Wheel chairs upon request from a tour guide.


  • Sign language tours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with two work days advance notice. To request sign language interpretation, please call the Tour Office at (202) 874-2330 or contact the


  • Service animals are welcome. Emotional support animals are not service animals per the ADA and are not permitted on the tour. No pets are permitted on tour.


  • An introductory tour video with captions.


  • A handout of the currency production process, in large print format, from a tour guide upon request. Materials related to U.S. Currency Reader Program for the visually impaired are available in large print and braille, Visit, or contact the U.S. Currency Reader Program at (844) 815-9388 toll-free or email


The BEP does not have parking. The nearest public parking garage is located on D Street, SW, between 13th and 14th Streets.